Tanzania plans to increase access to electricity from the current 10% of the population (current population is 39 million) to 25% within 6 years . According to Minister of Energy and Minerals, Nazir Karamagi, the goal of 25% electrification has been pushed forward from 2010 to “2012 or 2013” due to “some delays”.

 Currently, the country generates 744 megawatts (MW) (561 from hydropower, 183 from natural gas), with additional 200 MW expected by end of year 2008.  Annual electricity demand is expected to rise to more than 1,100 MW by 2010.

Recently, the government also announced plans to liberalize the task of distributing electricity in the country by lifting the monopoly enjoyed by TANESCO, the State power utility. https://tzcommoncents.wordpress.com/2007/09/19/govt-ends-tanescos-monopoly-mramba/

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