New TZ logo in the TV campaignAt an event in New York city recently, Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete launched the first ever TV tourism campaign targeted at the American market. The campaign, known as “Tanzania – Land of Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar and the Serengeti”, will be aired on CNN news outlets (CNN America, CNN Headline News, CNN Airport as well as CNN.COM).

The TV spot started appearing on CNN America prime time about two week ago. However, a search for the video on CNN.COM so far didn’t yield any result. Also, no information was immediately available on the total cost the government of Tanzania will incur in this TV campaign or for how long it will take place.

This TV campaign seems to precede the once touted marketing initiative called “Branding Tanzania”. Almost two years after this initiative was placed under the President’s Office, the results of the effort are yet to be known. “Branding Tanzania” aimed at identifying our current brand, measure its strengths and weaknesses, and eventually come up with a comprehensive marketing campaign that will shape the country’s  international image to attract investors and tourists among others. 

Currently, America is the second leading source of tourists in Tanzania.

The press release of the campaign launch can be found here.

What are your thoughts about this publicity blitz? Overdue? Too expensive? Is the cost justified? Do we have the capacity to accomodate the surge in the number of tourists that we should expect from this campaign?



Media reports that came out last week reported that the cost for this media blitz stands at $1 million. However, I was unable to independently verify this number. On the other hand, what I could confirm through Bradford Group, who are the representatives of Tanzania Tourism Board in America, was that the spot will run in circles for eight months through the spring of 2008 on CNN outlets.