This year, Kenya replaced Tanzania in the list of Top 10 reformers out of 178 global economies, according to the recently released World Bank’s ‘Doing Business 2008’ report. African countries that featured in this year’s “Top 10 Reformers 2006/07” survey were Egypt (1), Ghana (3) and Kenya (8). Last year (2005/06),  Tanzania ranked number 10 in the list, while Ghana, the only other African country in last year’s survey, stood at 9. Therefore, not only did Ghana remain in the list, it also improved her status significantly to 3rd position this year. 

It is easier to start a business in Rwanda compared to her East African neighbours. For instance, there are 9 procedures and takes 16 days to set up business in Rwanda while in Tanzania there are 12 procedures and takes up to 29 days to do the same.  In the “Starting a Business” category,  Rwanda scored 63, Tanzania 95 (up 6 places from last year’s 101 position), Kenya scored 112, Uganda 114 and Burundi 124. 

Tanzania still remains a notable reformer in Africa. She significantly cut the cost of starting a business in the past year, making her and Mauritania two of the cheapest places to register a business in Africa.

In East Africa, it is easier to do business in Kenya (72), compared to Uganda (118), Tanzania (130), Rwanda (150) and Burundi (174).   

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What are your thoughts on Kenya’s impressive showing this year as a top 10 reformer?