Tanzania Petroleum Development Corp (TPDC) recently opened the bidding process for hyrdrocarbon exploration in six blocks situated in the interior of the country. Energy and oil companies are invited to submit their offers to explore these areas by December 3.

The new locations stretch from southeast to northwest of the country, namely Lake Eyasi-Lake Manyara-Lake Natron area; Ruhuhu area; Kilosa-Kilombero area; South Selous area, Malagalasi area; and south Lake Tanganyika area.

So far, oil and natural gas explorations have centred along the coastline, both onshore and offshore, involving about 14 global energy companies such as Petrobras, Shell International and Dominion Oil & Gas. According to Reuters, so far three areas with natural gas deposits have been found.

What are your thoughts about this move to invite more companies to prospect oil and gas in the country? Will the discovery of oil bring more benefits than harm? How can we ensure the “curse of resources” doesn’t befell us?

Click here to read the bid information. The following map shows current and new exploration areas: